BLACK‘: is an emotion, a power, a vast orchard beyond colour and race

BLACK‘: a voice; polyphonic for their rights, hardships of all, they embrace.

BLACK‘: harmonius yet valorous they stand, serving the skies of their sciophilous community

BLACK‘: a strength of the fists curled tight; indubitably a strong conferruminated unity.

BLACK‘: a souls of striving desires, a fire of zeal thriving in every single fighter

BLACK‘: a force to drive the world, head held high, believe? They’re indeed the Igniter.

BLACK‘: a beautiful femin-face of Venus or Aphrodite, manned too as the mighty, all rugged and robust

BLACK‘: a fantasy; an enticing history; venturing amongst the dark-skinned, smittened in stardust.

BLACK‘: is the colour; night sky, textile, animal,
Bewitching all we find! Then why discriminate our beings, and then lie?

Hate not the BLACKS,
God’s own people
Let tears in their eyes
Not hurt & trickle

Respect the BLACKS,
The loving & caring
Let ’em not get
burdened by bearing.

Give rights to the BLACKS
For they deserve equality
Holding hand in hand,
Take forth our humanity.

By- Neha Parab

Asia-born, Africa-raised

Let Go

undefinedBitter are the words, that’re said by us;
Little do we realise, it’s what we say & make up a fuss.

Escaping & hiding, instead o’ confrontation
Speaking the unspoken, with little or no realisation.

Far too meek, to walk under the burden of the mistake;
Turning away, when redemption could be at stake.

Pierces the words, more than the actions,
How long’s it going to take, to forsake the anger & frustration?

Love beyond lies and smiles we wish to seek,
& yet we see tears roll down the cheek.

Why turn a blind eye, to the memories of glee?
Why can’t you embrace what’s done & not flee?

Why let your fears, clasp and burry all cheers?
Why let your past, drench you in tears?

Bitter are the words, that’re said by us;
Yet, let go o’ past and stay strong; tenacious.

Its never to late to let go of the bitter words & memories, to ‘Start Again’

~Neha Parab

A Global Pandemic



There’s chaos and panic
Its a global pandemic

Aren’t you all, at all afraid?
of what the globe’s becoming,
Sucked in this vicious ring

The disasters on a large scale
For all we can, we must not fail.
United we’d make a difference, to save
Our earth, its beings; aren’t we all too brave?

To face the catastrophe that has befall
Wake up, arise, the world’s taken a call
There’s chaos and panic
Its a global pandemic.

Is it too tiring and fragile?
With not treading a mile
Is the day too long?
With walls all around

Has the time come to a standstill?
With ‘closed’ & ‘stopped’ even all mill
Hear minute by minute reports
And the decisions of courts

Gloves and masks
They’re precaution tasks,
With prayers and patience
We’ll sail the turbulence.

To all its known,
Nothing left to behold
There’s chaos and panic
Its a global pandemic.

~Neha Parab

She Fades Into Eternity


She begins her walk of life with a spectacular aura
Bestowing smiles and prosperity amongst her bewitching flora

She trips and fumbles, yet flutters not ‘midst the fears
Her aspirations and hope set back yet rolls down no tears
She caresses and nurtures with her heart and soul
A one-women army; she plays every role.

She’s a wild beauty as fierce as fire
She’ll smile & burn & live on a pyre

She looks out for what could cease to exist
She dwindles her way even into the mist

The ‘impossible’, ‘Dont’s’ are mere obstacles
She weapons her will and breaks all the shackles

She stands for hope and strength and divinity
She is a race which stands beyond trinity

Her sorrows, her sufferings just ought to end
The ways of her living mustn’t not mend
She sacrifices for the greater grail
Remembers no one her sacred trail

She carries forth, our being, the life, the world
For us she still, narrows her dreams-n-gets curled

Eternity stands bowing before, reckoning till she walks
Until the day the brute binds her in locks

She, a mould, who shan’t lip the word never
Watch her fade not, for she deserves better, forever

She, a souls; respect her, don’t not believe
Hold on to her, the pious, let her never leave.

‘She’, she stands for everlasting
‘She’,she yet fades into eternity
‘She’ just fades into eternity.

~Neha K. Parab

Be Positive

POSITIVITY isn’t just a trait or a feeling;

It is a vibe, it is a mindset, it is the strength that overcomes pessimism, it is the victory over negativity, it is the goodness over the evil, it is the attitude one must possess towards life.

Merely emphasising on “Be Positive” isn’t solely the key to being so, one must thrive to let the optimism spread through every single nerve of his’. Every thing in a life, every decision, every choice comes with only two options along- right or wrong. There isn’t anything in between, our right actions are what brings in the positivity within, the wrong ones; decorated by the masks of lies, wearing a kohl of being fake and slapping a pretense of deception only brings in all the negation associated with it.

All of us, literally each one of us are engulfed by some or the other darkness in our lives and are enslaved to the negativity, breaking through it and setting ourselves free into the sky of positivity is all what life is about, regardless of the obstacles and hardships. There is an optimism and glee and joy and merriment and satisfaction and content in the nature around us; flushed with positivity. The skies, lakes, sun, stars, prayers, friendships, love, blessings, promises, rewards, guidance, thoughts, rains, rivers, intellect, knowledge etc….. has all got in alot of positivity attached to itself. Its only the matter of how we look towards it, how we fathom it.

A great man once said, “You cannot have a positive life with a negative mind” & here’s where the key to leading a healthy, happy & optimistic life lies…… within yourself; your thoughts.

Be Positive. Life doesn’t give a Second-Chance more than once, it all depends on how you treat it!

~The Horizon Etcher

~Neha K. Parab


On drowning into the pool of rejection & frowns
We fail to see the ocean of opportunities, bringing to us, it’s crowns
Oh Believer! Find your light through the darkness

Racing through the dark storms, amidst the distress calls
Little do we realise, the clear sky’s sunshine ultimately befalls.
Oh Believer! Find your light through the darkness

Caged in a whirlpool of condescendence all along
Rise and realise, what looks like it isn’t always wrong.
Oh Believer! Find your light through the darkness

Downs and lows and shattering teary cries
Turns blind to the Ups and Highs and the beautiful smiles
Oh Believer! Find your light through the darkness

Lost and baffled, wronged and flattered
To you, Believer, only you should’ve mattered
Oh Believer! Find your light through the darkness

Light! Is the optimism through the binding darkness within us all. Break free and breath…. for life’s all about shining beyond sinking. Bring in the best in you, suppressed, for all we know, you’re all about the sparkles beyond the spike. Light, it is your way out of the darkness, that grasps you, which only you, can let go of.


~Neha K. Parab

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